Our outdoor area

Outdoor runs are the same size as the indoor area with an additional seven foot fence surrounding the perimeter of the entire kennel. If it gets to hot or too cold we will close the doggie door and open it periodically throughout the day.

Indoor Run

Indoor runs feature a raised pet cot and doggie door. Doggie doors are opened at 8:30 Am and remain open until evening if the weather permits. Your dog has the freedom to choose to stay inside or go outside in the fresh air. Our residents love having this choice! You're pet will never be cooped up in a crate or have to wait on a walk to go outside!

Our indoor run area

Most runs are 4x8 feet

We do have runs that are larger and capable of housing 2-3 medium to large dogs

The runs are constructed of solid walls to separate your pet from it's neighbor. This eliminates stress and gives your pet a sense of security. Heated and air conditioned